Genoox UX Architecture | Interface Design

By using the most advanced genetic analysis tools and applications, Genoox translates complex genetic data into clear and actionable clinical answers. Genoox partnered with Liquid to design “Franklin” - their innovative AI-leveraging computed classification engine.

Don’t be puzzled by a variant - Genoox’ Franklin provides comprehensive work tools and interpretation data for analysing variants cases.

Next-gen sequencing

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) is a new technology used for sequencing and variant detection. Genoox removes the final barrier to widespread adoption of clinical NGS, enabling personalised medicine for mainstream patients.

AI powered classification

Genoox’ Franklin employs an advanced AI classification tool to automatically identify and rank pathogenic variants according to ACMG guidelines: Pathogenic, Likely Pathogenic, Uncertain, Likely Benign and Benign

Classify and reclassify

Twenty Huge professionals embedded within the Telus team to craft a new design and development model.

Community feedback

Franklin community members are encouraged to share their insights and Expand Genomics Clinical Knowledge. As part of the variant interpretation process, the user can select to link a publication, post a note, or share the classification.

Genoox automated clinical reporting tool enables gene-level decision support for physicians and collaborators.

Automated and customizable

Genoox gene-level decision support for physicians and collaborators, enabling integration for third-party downstream integration.

Lab-branded reports

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